USA Trip 2014 – Sunday, April 6th

I think today is the least eventful day as we spent most of it trying to stuff everything we brought into 3 pieces of luggage. 60 Artistic Visions books, 7 yards of fur, a ton of CDs and Laserdiscs, lots and lots of Japanese food, Oreos, it all adds up. Before noon, Chance, an avid photographer, invited us over to have some professional photos taken of Baseball, Dog and Kiki! We squeezed it into our schedule and got some really nice shots! Thanks again Chance! The only other thing we did outside was going to Jamba Juice with Croc and getting some lunch at Panda Express, then more packing. In the evening Chance and Furahi came over and we ordered some Pizza and watched Cosmos together. Can’t say no to Neil Degrasse Tyson! After that, more packing and eventually trying to get some sleep!


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