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Hobart Photos

Spent the whole day in the City, exploring Hobart, chilling in the park and anjoying the wonderful weather!

Hobart Harbour
Hobart Harbour

I even found a DDR Cabinet, probably the closest one to South Pole 🙂

DDR in Hobart
DDR at Intencity in the Village Cinema

And I found another great Art Store!

Art Store in Hobart

Click "continue reading" for more impressions of Hobart.

Streets in Hobart

Streets in Hobart

Car Parts in Hobart

Building in Hobart

Streets in Hobart

Building in Hobart

Hobart Harbour

Later, Jon (one of my hosts) took me and the 2 other couchsurfers that arrived today to the top of Mt. Wellington, where you had an amazing view on Hobart and its surroundings.

Hobart at night

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  1. The oddly named city ^^;

    Hobart’s one nice looking town, it has a quiet atmosphere to it, especially with hardly any cars on the streets, even if they park their cars somewhat awkwardly

    so many art stores in Australia, I’m jealous

    The last picture reminds me of California, where I climbed a mountain at midnight with Adam and his friends overlooking multiple cities grown together to one large ‘stain’ of light

  2. oh my gosh, the city view is awesome… 🙂

  3. Hehehe. You need to come back sometime 🙂

    I am here all the time!

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