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Friday Sketchdump #104

After a short break, here are some new sketches!


Drew peoples characters while meeting at Starbucks.

Drew peoples characters while meeting at Starbucks.



Cat and Mouse, for a friend from Sweden.

Cartoon Bat (spectacled flying fox)

The sketch of the halloween bat picture.


Friday Sketchdump #103

Spaceferrets, one of them drawn by Andi Paar. Also Kiki.

Commissioned sketch, I like how this came out. I need to practice dymanic poses more!


Friday Sketchdump #100

There it is, number 100! Took a bit but here you go, this time only Spaceferret concepts I drew on my vacation in Turkey. 🙂

Spaceferret sketches

Spaceferret sketches

Spaceferrets spaceship.

Spaceferrets spaceship.

Spaceferret heads.

Spaceferret heads.

Spaceferret plundering a fridge, some coyote, a kangaroo and more Spaceferrets

Spaceferret plundering a fridge, some coyote, a kangaroo and more Spaceferrets

More Spaceferrets concepts. It's their homeplanet, some random plants and a spaceship.

More Spaceferrets concepts. It's their homeplanet, some random plants and a spaceship.

Even more spaceferrets concepts.

Even more spaceferrets concepts.


Friday Sketchdump #99

99, that's almost 100!

Bored spaceferret on couch
Storyboard sketch for the Spaceferrets comic.

Christmas kangaroo
Was supposed to be the christmas tag last year, but I didn't have time to finish it.

Random cartoon sketches, ferret, bent-tail jr, hyena
Some stuff I drew on liveStream.

Now I have to think of something special for Sketchdump #100!


Friday Sketchdump #96

So apparently I posted Sketchdump #97 already without posting #96. Anyway, Since this is the last one this year, I'll try to make it special. Let's see what I find on my harddisk...

Tyler and Kiki, cartoon Kangaroo and Lemur
Tyler Thylacine, carrying Kikis loooong Tail. Old sketch from EF16.


Karpour and Kiki
Did this for Henrieke, not too happy with it but it was just a quick doodle.

cute cartoon Dog drawing
Dog the dog!

orange Spaceferret
Happy orange Spaceferret! My first quick try with Copics and Polychromos.

Fox drawing
Another quick try with Copics any Polychromos.

Approving cartoon kangaroo
He approves whatever he's pointing at!

Sid dog and Alaska Nebraska Zebrafish Opossum
Headshots of 2 friend's characters, Sid and Alaska.

Hope you enjoyed! I hope to post more regularily next year!


Friday Sketchdump #97

I'm so stressed, I don't even have time to write why I'm stressed! Ok I do, it's because of University assignments.

Happy Spaceferret

That was for an contest, I missed the deadline though so I never colored it.

More Spaceferrets and a Kiki

A postcard I sent to Henrieke from Vacation. 🙂


Henriekes Birthday

In the beginning of may Henrieke came over and we celebrated our birthdays together. She planned to come earlier but Eyafjalla made that impossible.

I got a few gifts for her, first one was a book about our U.S. Trip:


It looked like this and contains 100 pages photos and drawings from me and various people. (A huge thank you to anyone who contributed!)

The second present didn't work out. I wanted to bake a Sachertorte and put a chocolate Kiki on top.

At first I made a Sculpey model over a drawing. (As seen in the first photo).

Then a cast with Alginate.
Then I painted it from the inside with 3 kinds of chocolate. Sadly the Alginate didn't like the chocolate.
Other than that I gave her a giant pencil, a derpy dinosaur plushie and some Victory Seeds.

What I got from her was awesome aswell!

An orange Spaceferret sculpture 😀
He's exploring the tortoise land.


Friday Sketchdump #93

Posting some sketches may be the right thing to do.

collab between me, Henrieke and Neo
Collab between me, Henrieke and Neo.

Ghali the Quagga and Tyler Thylacine, obviously.

cartoon Eagle, Ring-Tailed Mongoose, Fennec and Binturong.
Swiftwind Eagle, Random ring-Tailed Mongoose, Fennec, Binturong.

Random stuff I drew for people on uStream.


Friday Sketchdump #92

Cartoon sketches including a wolg, a hog and a spaceferret

Cute cartoon dragon
More of my old dragon character.

Cartoon eagle drawing
Quick Copic eagle sketch.

Ferret and Kangaroo cartoon
Ferret and Kangaroos.


Spaceferrets update

On vacation I had some time to draw out ideas for the Spaceferret comic, here's what came out:

Spaceferrets comic
Spaceferret discovers Tonic's hideout.


More Spaceferret Sketches

More spaceferrets.


Friday Sketchdump #89

After a long break, I'm going to continue the tradition of friday sketchdumps!

Cartoon pig
Pig for Louve.

Cartoon Kangaroo and Lemur
My Kangaroo and Henriekes Lemur.

A Spaceferret


Friday Sketchdump #80

Too much things to do for university. Sorry for the bad sketches, they're only stuff I scribbled in boring lectures.

Sketches of Zeke Wolf, a gremlin, a cat and kangaroos

Spaceferret sketches


Friday Sketchdump #79

Spaceferrets sketches
Spaceferrets & Tonic!

Kipper birthday cake cartoon otter
A very belated birthday picture for a friend. I'm not happy with the hands, but I have to get over not being able to fix things easily when inking with a brush I guess.


Friday Sketchdump #70

Slowly catching up.
Tahoe Spaceferret
This is a sketch for a friend, somewhat alien-themed

Tahoe Spaceferret colored
colored version (click for full view)


Friday Sketchdump #67

I'm late, and I have NOTHING!

Tonic the Ferret
except this sketch of Tonic.

And this incredibly detailed sketch of a spaceferret.