Screwball Squirrel

Screwball Squirrel
Uploaded by klangley
This is probably my favourite Cartoon by Tex Avery and Preston Blair now. Even though the Styles (especially the two Squirrels) are different, they blend together really well and the Animation is just super-smooth 🙂
Here are some related modelsheets/keyframes:

Birds by Preston BlairScrewball Squirrel Model Sheet
Sammy Squirrel KeyframesSammy Squirrel Keyframes

2 thoughts on “Screwball Squirrel”

  1. you know, i have the book that these keyframes are from. Its almost literally in tatters, but i loved it so much as a kid, and then realised its value much later on. its how i learned to draw anythin’ at all. c.c

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