Friday Sketchdump #6

Wow.. it’s a shame that this is the first post this week, but I’ve been busy getting everything done in my apartment, because I’ll make a housewarming party tomorrow.
As I was busy, there aren’t many quality Sketches to show.. but at least some:

Ferret #1

Ferret #2

Ferret #3

Lemur Sketch
Lemur with fineliner, will probably stay unfinished as I messed up the eyes

Various Sketches
Various Sketches, I usually don’t show such sketches, but I am short on sketches this week 😉


1 thought on “Friday Sketchdump #6”

  1. Ferret 2 is most notable in this post of sketches, due to the closeup nature of it, I guess. I could add to that it is also my favorite, due to character of the ferret that the expression seems to imply, a certain mischievous and playful nature.

    Ferret 1 also seems to have a lot of character to it. Your expressions and heads are improving greatly. His left upper jaw bothers me a little though, but that might just be the perspective.

    Ferret 3 looks extremely interested in something, like a cat spotting a little bird easy to catch, though the pose itself still seems rather neutral, instead of accentuating the pose in particular, unlike what is the case with ferret 1…

    lemursketch1. I have to say I like how this one turned out. The fine liner used this way adds a lot of depth and detail to the character, and I have to say I am unable to notice right now what is wrong with the eyes. Yet again though the muzzle seems wrong somehow with the right side of his upper jaw seemingly lower than the left side.

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