Training progress #-8

Okay.. on Thursday Training I had bad luck again as I landed on something sharp and solid again with the same foot when trying a cartwheel-sideflip. crap. It seems everytime I want to learn a new Trick I hurt myself.

Todays training was far better, I finally managed to do a cartwheel-sideflip combo on the floor.. I can do a sideflip for ages now, but I usually make cartwheels on the other side, so it may look a bit sloppy.



09.12.: 100
10.12.: 100
11.12.: 105
12.12.: 110
13.12.: 65
14.12.: 110
15.12.: 110

Total: 1015 (5985 to go)

1 thought on “Training progress #-8”

  1. What’s it with you and injuring your foot anyway?
    The tricks are looking good. Quite the impressive performance. Even if it’s only coming from one not experienced in acrobatics such as myself

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