Stellar’s Jay

This was a commission, very fun to draw đŸ™‚
It’s a Stellar’s Jay, never heard of that kind of that kind of bird before, they look like this:

Stellar's Jay photo
(cc) flickr user jurvetson

So here is my try on it:

cartoon StellarĂ¢â‚¬â„¢s Jay drawing

3 thoughts on “Stellar’s Jay”

  1. We have those beautiful Jays around our place. They are beautiful. You did wonderfully! I’m your newest fan.

  2. I have witten a children’s book with the star character a stellar’s jay. Your picture captures the essence of the delightful character in my book! I wish I could have you illustrate my little book! It co-stars a dog, cat, elephant and other delightful little guys. You are a great artist!

  3. Where i live here in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA these birds are everywhere and can be quite bold at times ive even seen them steal catfood from our backpourch when i used to live a mile outside ETNA but even when we live in town they were very common

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