Friday Sketchdump #48

Had to skip the last Sketchdump due to my Holland trip, so here are a few sketches from the last 2 weeks:

Various Sketches
Various Sketches

drawings of cartoon Ferrets

Other peoples characters
Other peoples characters, don’t sue me! 😉

Various cartoon Sketches
More random stuff (the dog is from a tex avery short)

cartoon kangaroos
A page of kangaroos


1 thought on “Friday Sketchdump #48”

  1. Hello, Thomas N. I have interest in using a sketch of yours for a logo and mascot. What are your thoughts. I am an Australian setting up in Austria and wanted a kangaroo. Your sketches are great! Please contact me at as I do not want to do anything wrong as far as copyrights and of course your permission would be needed. Thanks.
    P.s love your stuff MATE!

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