USA Trip: 9.02.

Lon got us into Epcot again, where we went onto the test track ride. Kind of boring.
Also we went back onto the three caballeros ride just to see the awesome animation again:

Three Caballeros ride in Epcot

Also saw the Nemo ride and then went to Magic Kingdom.

We saw the cheesiest show ever:

cheesy show at magic kingdom

Silhouette of Splash mountain in sunset
Splash mountain at sunset

Also went on Space mountain right before the park closed so we didn’t have any waiting line.
The fireworks in Magic Kingdom was pretty awesome, right after it we hurries to get to Epcot where we saw even bigger fireworks, sadly I wasn’t able to take any good shots.
Since we had to wait for Lon to pick us up, we just walked around in the park when everyone else had left already, which gave us toe opportunity to take some nice long exposure shots:

Viking Pavillon in Epcot at night
Viking Pavillon

Epcot at night
Epcot at night

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