Biking, drawing and partying (18.02.)

In order to pick up some screws from Home Depot, we took Chris’ and Gerrets bikes and went to the Waterford Lakes center. We didn’t find the Home Depot though, but ended up looking at other stores. Chris joined us later and we got some art supplies from Joanns.
For dinner we met up with Adam, Val, Arito, Trigger, Moon, Chris and Marc (mostly Artists/Costume Builders). It was a nice ethiopean restaurant, and a new experience since I never had ethiopean food before. We got to draw at least a bit and both Henrieke and me got to trade with Val.
Later that night we went to Independent Bar in downtown Orlando, Henrieke stayed at Chris’ place though. Trigger and Val had their costumes with them, which people there obviously enjoyed. It was moderately crowded there, the music wasn’t too much my taste though. Still it was a nice evening, despite the Bud light.

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