Friday Sketchdump #95

cartoon sketches of random animals.
Ballpoint sketches of random animals. Needs more variety in terms of shapes…

Rummage the Raccoon playing on a keyboard
Raccoon playing on a keyboard, for a friend in Florida.

Cartoon tasmanian Tiger driving a veteran car.
Sketch for a tasmanian veteran car race that ended up not being used.

2 thoughts on “Friday Sketchdump #95”

  1. yay, variation is very good. We as artists should strive for that.

    I second the finishing of the car. It makes a very nice picture all in all.

    Maybe check the position of the body again cause the feet don’t work too well with the silhouette. And the tires look a bit static. One or 2 wrinkles might give them a nice organic feel. JohnK did a very nice entry about old Disney principles, one of them being animated deformed props. You might wanna check the tires of Goofy’s pickup.

    I hope to see your friday sketchdumps regularly, dude. Being regular is key to a good workflow and shows off your artsy week to your followers. And yeah I should do the same, tehe ^^;

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