Vienna Comix 30.09.2012

As usual, we had a table again at Austria’s biggest comic market, Vienna Comix. Apart from sitting there and drawing, we also had our costumes with us again to entertain people. Due to masses of people flodding the (pretty big hall) and making moving around hard, we had to postpone costume performing a bit, but eventually Dog and Baseball got out along with a few other critters.

Mos Eisley built using Lego!
Mos Eisley built using Lego!
A view of the main hall with a big crowd of people.
The venue, it was pretty crowded!
Our table.
Our table with Henrieke, Andi, Lisa. Also Thomas browsing through art.
Baseball the flying fox posing with a big Batman statue.
Bat and Batman.
Baseball, sitting at our table and drawing on a giant sketchpad.
Baseball, drawing.
Baseball jumping.
Baseball trying to fly.
Batman statue without a torso.
Batman missing something.

After a few successful sales of Baseball art and patches by Henrieke we packed our things together again and went to my place for a nice evening (sponsored by YouTube) and a stress-test for my couch! Everyone had a place and we had a great time!

Afterparty at my place.
Afterparty at my Place with Kana, Shadow, Phil, Tabbie, Spike, Gerald, Henrieke, Jojo, Dude, Andi and Lisa.

Should you happen to be around Vienna, make sure to check out the next Comix on 2.12.

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