Willie Wasbeer

After a month of hard work, Henrieke and me finished Willie Wasbeer, the new mascot of GaiaZoo in Kerkrade, Netherlands. As with every costume we make, there was a lot of new things we tried, such as padding for the legs made out of foam strips to allow good airflow, lasercut eyes and padded arms. Everything worked out perfectly, as you can see in the Video of Willie’s first performance!


1 thought on “Willie Wasbeer”

  1. Very nice!

    I don’t like zoos, but I like your Wasbeer. It must be great to creat such things that bring so much pleasure to the people. It’s funny to see the children with their big eyes and also the adults that are encouraged to let out their inner kid and just enjoy the easy fun.

    Good job, go on!

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