USA Trip: 30.01.

Met with Spain and Lisa at some Burger place, forgot the name. Spain is an animation student, her drawings are amazing! Check them out here. Lisa shares her Flat and works at Seaworld. Anyway, as assumed, even the smallest Burger was enough for us europeans, and it was really good too. Only the free refill is dangerous, because everytime I finished my coke, I would get a new one, thus I ended up drinking 3 times as much as usual.

Anyway, here’s us with tasty Burgers:

Henrieke, me, Lisa, Sophie

After that we were hanging out at Sophies place and went to Lons place later.
Lon is the guy who we’ll be staying with the last few days, he worked on alot of Disney movies and currently does designs for Disneyworld while also working on the newest Disney movie as a sidejob. Check his IMDB page.
Anyway, there were white a few people at his place, we went to some chinese place at first which was.. okay, later we just hung out, drew and watched Horton hears a who. And some extreme Rollercoaster stuff too. Can’t wait to ride some REAL rollercoasters!

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