Packing (22.02.)

We didn’t do alot in the morning except packing, sleeping and getting breakfast from Publix. In the afternoon Torey joined us, and in the evening we went to Outback (I wasn’t being pushy at all to go there 😉 ) with Chris, Marc, Zeke, John and Torey. Soooo good!

Zeke, John and Chris.

After drawing alot, we headed back to Chris’ place where Lisa and Spain joined us. We watched “We’re back!” on Laserdisc first, which was hilarious! That movie is so completely random and pointless, and watching it with these guys made it even better.
To top that, we watched “Cartoon Allstars to the rescue”, a 30 minute long trippy anti-drug cartoon from the 80s. Definitely a must-see for everyone! Some YouTube videos later, everyone had to leave and it was time to say goodbye to most of the people. 🙁

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