USA Trip 2013 – 19.01.-21.01.

Our convention started late because of our missed flight and jetlag. We had lots of stress due to our lost luggage and the helpdesk not helping, but we still had a good time thanks to our awesome friends! An extra thank you for those who did so much to help us, you are fantastic! We eventually got our luggage back on the last day of the convention, but only because we picked it up ourselves, AirFrance would have happily kept us waiting for another night. But despite AirFrance being incredibly rude and unhelpful we still had a nice time at the con!

There was an educational panel with live animals, which was a good way to try out our brand new camera!

Henrieke, pointing her camera at a fennec.
Henrieke and a fennec.
Fennex Fox.
A cute gator.
A cute gator.

Lots of drawing was done! We met artists we’ve known for years and never got to meet yet!

Having artjams with our friends and making new friends!
Artist at work.
Artist at work.

And of course there were giant animals:

Animals hanging out.

On the very last day of the con, two hours before it ended, we finally got our luggage back and immediately let Baseball out:

Baseball with a hotel manager.
Baseball with a hotel manager.

We also found this possum on the floor!

A possum!
A possum!

After all, the con was nice, we wish we had more time there and less jetlag and stress with AirFrance. We’re still baffled by how nice everyone was after they heard of our situation, thanks again everyone for helping us out and making it still an awesome con! 🙂
AirFrance: shame on you.

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