USA Trip 2013 – 24.01.

On the 24th we headed towards Monterey with Croc to make Henrieke’s wish of going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium come true. This was our first real test for our camera, and we were very happy with the results! Sadly when we arrived we read that the sea otter exhibit, one of the highlights of the aquarium, was closed for maintenance. However, that was totally made up for because we got to see some wild otters in the ocean! The rest of the aquarium was impressive too, with lots of nice exhibits and animals like hammerhead sharks, leafy sea dragons, sunfish, lobsters, and even an albatross! The big schools of fish and jellyfish exhibits were beautiful as well. We all had a nice day!

Shot of the monterey aquarium building.
The Monterey bay aquarium.
Lots of birds there.
We saw an Albatross up close! Researchers found him being unable to fly and brought them to Monterey as he would’ve died otherwise.
The jellyfish exhibits were impressive.
More jellyfish.
More jellyfish.
The big tank with tuna, sunfish, whales, etc.
Henrieke knows the species.
Too cute to eat!
Leafy Seadragon. Not a plant!

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