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Friday Sketchdump #95

cartoon sketches of random animals.
Ballpoint sketches of random animals. Needs more variety in terms of shapes...

Rummage the Raccoon playing on a keyboard
Raccoon playing on a keyboard, for a friend in Florida.

Cartoon tasmanian Tiger driving a veteran car.
Sketch for a tasmanian veteran car race that ended up not being used.


Friday Sketchdump #94


Cartoon Kangaroo, Ferret, Eagle, Spaceferret
Some doodles.. I really liked the Thylacine (though the anatomy is a bit off, I'm picky!).

Cartoon Tasmanian Tiger, Cartoon Thylacine
So I inked and colored it.

Drawn for Fainder, an italian artist I'm a huge fan of. Check out her blog!

A quick sketch for a great friend from Florida!


Friday Sketchdump #93

Posting some sketches may be the right thing to do.

collab between me, Henrieke and Neo
Collab between me, Henrieke and Neo.

Ghali the Quagga and Tyler Thylacine, obviously.

cartoon Eagle, Ring-Tailed Mongoose, Fennec and Binturong.
Swiftwind Eagle, Random ring-Tailed Mongoose, Fennec, Binturong.

Random stuff I drew for people on uStream.


Friday Sketchdump #92

Cartoon sketches including a wolg, a hog and a spaceferret

Cute cartoon dragon
More of my old dragon character.

Cartoon eagle drawing
Quick Copic eagle sketch.

Ferret and Kangaroo cartoon
Ferret and Kangaroos.


Friday Sketchdump #91

It's not like I don't draw enough, but I don't feel like scanning because it just takes too long.

Sketches of Taxi the Lemur, Cougari, Tally and a random Canid
Some doodles I drew for people on uStream.

Cartoon dragon drawing
This is the first character I ever made up, and I tried to draw him again. The neck should be longer and I forgot to attach some ears though.

Ferret on a slide
Drawing of a friends ferret character.


USA Trip 2010 Sketchdump #3

The third and final part of sketches I did in the U.S.!

cartoon duck drawing
This one was for the amazing Char Krueger!

I did this one for Mark in the Chicago Pizza place in San Jose.

Sad Lemur and sad Kangaroo
Henrieke and me did that one in the plane when we arrived in Amsterdam. We were really depressed about not seeing each other anymore for a long time. 🙁


Friday Sketchdump #90

only 10 more to #100, I better think up something really special!


Sketches based on Powerline from the Goofy Movie
Random Sketches I did after seeing the Goofy Movie for the 32452nd time.

Doodle of a friends thylacine character I did in a boring lecture.


Friday Sketchdump #89

After a long break, I'm going to continue the tradition of friday sketchdumps!

Cartoon pig
Pig for Louve.

Cartoon Kangaroo and Lemur
My Kangaroo and Henriekes Lemur.

A Spaceferret


USA Trip 2010 Sketchdump #2

More sketches from my U.S. Trip!

Cartoon kangaroo drawing
It's obvious, I hope!

A commission I sketched on the flight from LA to Orlando, inked in Florida and colored at home.

Random cartoon critters
Sloppy sketches.


USA Trip 2010 Sketchdump #1

More Sketchdumps, finally! I'll post the sketches I did in the U.S. first!

Cartoon sketches I drew while being drunk.
Drew this while being drunk on a roomparty at FC. Lots of other peoples characters are here. Mark and Henrieke also drew some of the sketches on this page.

Cartoon blue-eyed lemurs, an eagle, a ferret and foxes.
I forgot where I drew this. It's random characters mostly, except the blue-eyed lemur character Henrieke invented for me!

Random cartoon doodles
More less-good stuff.


Friday Sketchdump #88

Last Sketches this year!

Tyler Thylacine Sketches
Some older thylacine sketches.

Barks Stuff
Some tries on Barks I did in the library.


Friday Sketchdump #86

I need to find more things I can post between sketchdumps. What would you like to see?

Croc being pissed
Croc is not amused. (Sketch by me, inks by Henrieke)

Ezra, Hugh and Poink
FPS Artjam submission.

Pissed Kangaroo, Lemur and Raccoon
A really quick sketch, based on an idea from a chat conversation.


Friday Sketchdump #85

This is for the week I didn't post one!

Cartoon Kangaroo, Cartoon Ferret and Lemurs

My Kangaroo character, a random ferret and Henriekes character Kiki.

Kiki and Croc
Kiki and Croc.

Collabs with Henrieke in Starbucks

Collabs by me and Henrieke we did in Starbucks. Upper two drawings are sketches by me and inked byHenrieke, lower right sketched by Henrieke and inked by me and the two pigs are by Henrieke.


Friday Sketchdump #84

Baw, I'm still one behind, but I'll just post 2 next week!

How to draw cartoon Kangaroos
Some Kangaroos.

Cartoon Characters: Cougari, Bent-Tail, a weasel, goat from hunchback of notre dame, a kangaroo and a bunny
Cougari, Bent-Tail, weasels, goat from Hunchback of Notre Dame, a kangaroo and a bunny.


Friday Sketchdump #83

Finally a new post. Henrieke is here so we spend too much time doing stupid things and I hardly get to post stuff.

Most are these are for other people:

Cartoon foxes, a raccoon, ferrets and a penguin
Random sketches

Cartoon Raccoon, Dalmatian, Badger, Lemurs
More random sketches, the good ones are by Henrieke.

Birthday sketch for Penny who is awesome.